About us

We are always innovating.

NETVMI is a company that has technology and innovation in its DNA. Thanks to the quality system we have developed, in synergy with corporate needs, we have an international operation, serving customers in the United States, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Thailand and Singapore. With over 15 years in the Brazilian market, we are seeking to expand the exposure of our brand among large multinational chemical, petrochemical and gas companies, with a proactive attitude based on relationships and value in this market.

Our mission is to provide remote information about industrial assets swiftly and accurately, generating savings and efficiency in the movement of products and services for suppliers and consumers.


NETVMI is a company that is concerned about the context in which it is inserted. The word sustainability has a very special meaning for the company. Consequently, it maintains projects of a social nature that help improve this panorama according to the capacity of their structure. In these projects, NETVMI, besides giving donations, actively orients institutions from the third sector not to depend on donations, but to achieve self-sufficiency through strategic actions.

We view these actions as a responsibility, not as a favor. In our opinion, if every company assumes a proactive approach in relation to its social context, we will consequently have a stronger society in the future, which will be beneficial to all.


Competencies focused on the needs of customers

At NETVMI, we try to understand the real needs of customers in order to provide better solutions, seeking to deepen the relationship in pursuit of better results.
Amanda Atolini
Financial / Administrative
Andre Dutra
System Analyst
Everton Lucas Ilário
Technical operations
Guillermo Torres
International Business
Gustavo Henrique de Paula
Technical operations
Heber Resende
Technical Support
Igor Lopes
Information Technology
José Renato Siqueira Jr.
Management Planning
Leonardo Bastazini
Business Manager
Luiz Fernando Atolini
General Director
Patrick Passos
Technical Support
Paulo Miranda
Hardware Lab
Rafael Ritter
Web Analyst
Rose Tarini
Financial / Administrative