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The NETVMI system provides remote information about industrial assets quickly and accurately, generating savings and efficiency in the movement of products and services for suppliers and consumers from a variety of segments.

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Tanks and silos

Suppliers have access to the inventory information of customers and are responsible for automatically resupplying products according to convenience, production demand or contract basis. When customers consume products more quickly, the resupply alarms are more frequent, enabling swifter deliveries.

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Tanques pressurizados

Pressurized tanks

Normally installed in critical areas such as industries and hospitals, the monitoring of products such as oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and natural gas ensures greater accuracy and significantly reduced risk of products running out.

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Ambientes climatizados

Air conditioned environments

Remote temperature monitoring ensures storage of products in consistently adequate thermal conditions, since any variation can be detected by the NETVMI system. The system provides historical records of measured temperatures and the elimination of temperature fluctuations not perceived in the process and that can affect stored products.

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Estações de Tratamento de Efluentes (ETE) e Água (ETA)

Wastewater and Water Treatment Stations

Through one piece of equipment connected remotely to the NETVMI station and accessible by the operator of the wastewater treatment station, various aspects are monitored such as flow, temperature, oxygenation, turbidity, chlorine, treated wastewater production and efficiency.

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Cement silos

NETVMI’s telemetry services help with the planning and logistical management of raw materials in cement plants. Manufacturers cannot send excess amounts of products or allow them to run out. The measurements inform real inventory levels and raw material consumption.

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Plantas de energias renováveis

Renewable energy plants

Enables viewing the operation of remote devices in real time, in addition to monitoring energy production and the efficiency of the machinery. It is the guarantee of higher performance with greater efficiency and lower costs.

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