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Do you properly monitor your customer?

Do you detect the “consumer trend” of your customer before performing stock replenishment?

The NETVMI System displays in the list of levels the most current value of your client’s stocks. This information is critical to your resupply operation. However, to make the best decision, it is important to access the chart and identify consumer trends.

The chart gives you a more complete picture of last-day consumption. You will be able to identify if the customer is at full steam, which demands quick refueling; or if you are low on production, and you have more time to schedule the recharge. This way, you will be able to better serve your customer, as well as avoiding distressing inconveniences or delivering excess product.

Are your alarms set at appropriate levels?

The NETVMI System sends e-mail or torpedo alerts every time your customer’s tank needs to be recharged. However, it is important that alert points are reviewed whenever any condition of the operation is changed.

As an example, we can mention the lead time change. In this situation, the alert point should be reviewed to avoid disruption of stock, or that the product reaches the customer and the vehicle has to wait to unload, generating a cost per stay. Whenever you need to review the alarms, contact the NETVMI support team.

Do you know the level variation icon and its use?

When accessing the NETVMI System listing page, be sure to identify the icon shown in the image below.

This icon means that there has been some variation in your customer’s tank level that may not match the reality. So, go to the chart to do a more detailed analysis of the situation. In some cases it may be a variation generated by meter maintenance that normalizes in moments, or some problem that will require the removal of the equipment for repair.

If in doubt, contact the NETVMI team to assist you in interpreting the information.